East India Cuisine And Its Peculiarity!

East India Cuisine And Its Peculiarity!


It is universal truth that you can eat more varieties of cuisines in India than the rest of the world together. India is a multi-faceted country because of the diversity of culture, traditions, food, festivals, languages, outfits and so on. The delightful Indian recipes as rich and diverse as its civilization have been passed on through generations purely by word of mouth. The range varies from region to region, right from the taste, color, texture to the appearance. Each tiny place of the country has a distinctiveness of its own.

The eastern region of India comprises states like Bihar, West Bengal and Orissa. Rice is the principal food in eastern region of India.

Eastern India produces a lot of rice due to the advantageous climate. Due to the abundance of rice, it serves as integral part of staple meal in the eastern India. Along with that, fishes are also obtainable in great quantity in the rivers and ponds in this region. Fish is also a preferred item of the people of eastern India.

A wide variety of dishes are prepared from fishes. Hilsa is the most prevalent fish in eastern India. Generally Hilsa is available during the monsoons; Hilsa fish is famous for its extraordinary taste. Numerous delicacies are made of Hilsa and also with other well-known varieties of fishes like Rohu, Vetki etc, which are sure to increase your taste of mouth.

Plenty of vegetables are also grown in the eastern part of India. Vegetables also play a significant part of Eastern Indian meals. The spices used in eastern indian’s cuisine are also noticeably dissimilar from those used in the other parts of India.

Sweets are also prominent part of Eastern Indian Cuisine. The persons from the eastern region seem to have a sweet tooth. Most of the eastern Indian cuisines have an inclination towards a sweet. In West Bengal, Rasgulla is a fantastic sweet dish that has earned global commendation. There is another sweet dish as Mishti Doi (sweetened yogurt) which is famous for its peculiar taste.


List of famous East India Cuisines and its characteristics:

Name        Description

Ceera Doi: Breakfast cereal.

Dhup Pitha: A sweet Assamese specialty

Gheela Pitha: Sweet Assamese specialty

Hurum: Breakfast cereal; an Assamese specialty

Khar: Assamese specialty side dish: papaya, banana, soda

Kumol Sawul: Breakfast cereal; an Assamese specialty. Soft rice with cream & jaggery

Loskora (Coconut Laddu): Sweet

Lusi: Oily bread made from maida

Malpua: Snacks

Momo: Snacks. It is a Sikkim specialty

Muri Laru: Sweet Bengali specialty

Pani Tenga: Pickle made from mustard

Sunga Pitha: Sweet Assamese specialty

Alu Pitika: Dish made of mashed potato

Masor tenga: An Assamese fish stew cooked with any of a variety of sour fruits including tomatoes

Bengena Pitika: Dish made of mashed brinjal

Bilahi Maas: Fish curry cooked with tomatoes

Black rice: Special local variety of rice

Bora Sawul: Breakfast cereal; an Assamese specialty. Sticky rice, sugar or jaggery

Brown Rice: Special local variety of rice

Chhenagaja: Dessert. Cottage cheese, flour, sugar syrup

Chhenapoda: Dessert. Cottage cheese, flour, sugar syrup

Chingri Machher Malai-Curry: Curry. Prawn, coconut, mustard, steamed

Dal: Lentils

Goja: Sweet

Hando Guri: Breakfast cereal; an Assamese specialty

Haq Maas: Fish curry cooked with leafy green vegetables

Horioh Maas: Golden Mustard Fish Curry

Ilish or Chingri Bhape: Curry. Ilish (Hilsha fish) or prawn, coconut, mustard, steamed.

Kharoli: Pickle made from mustard; an Assamese specialty

Khorisa: Pickle made from bamboo shoot; an Assamese specialty

Koldil Chicken: Chicken cooked with banana flower; an Assamese specialty

Koldil Duck: Duck meat cooked with banana flower; an Assamese specialty

Konir Dom: Egg curry

Lai Haq Maas: Fish Curry with herbs & lemon

Litti: Balls of wheat and sattu baked in oven and served with mashed potatoes (chokha)

Maasor Tenga: Tomato Fish Curry

Machher Jhol: Curry. Fish, various spices

Masor Koni: Fish delicasy

Masor Petu: Fish delicasy

Mishti Chholar Dal: Curry. Bengal gram, coconut, sugar

Mishti Doi: Dessert. Curd, sugar syrup and /or jaggery

Ou tenga Maas: Fish curry cooked with elephant apple

Pakhala: Rice. Fermented rice, yoghurt, salt, seasonings

Bhaji: Fried Vegetables

Pani Pitha: Sweet Assamese specialty

Pantua: Assamese sweet similar to Gulab Jamun

Payokh: Desert

Peda: Sweet

Prawn malai curry: Curry. Prawns, coconut cream, crushed mustard seed, red chillies

Red Rice: Special local variety of rice

Rice: Staple Food

Rosgulla: Dessert. Cottage cheese, flour and sugar syrup

Sabzi (curry): Different green or other vegetables

Shondesh: Dessert. Milk, sugar

Shukto: Curry. Vegetables, ghee, milk

Sunga Pork: Rich spicy pork curry

Tenga Doi: Sour curd

Til Pitha: Sweet Assamese specialty. Rice powder, til, jaggery


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