Apoorva Lakhia reveals the bigger risk of Shraddha Kapoor!

Actress Shraddha Kapoor has gone an extra mile for getting into the skin of the character of Dawoood Ibrahim’s Haseena Parkar. After the promo hit the web, people on the social media loved the actor for her efforts. Director Apoorva Lakhia, in an interview with a famous agency, revealed, “I could only give her a basic idea of what I wanted and I think she had done a great job. It (the film) is a bigger risk for her than it’s for me. She plays these chocolaty lovable heroines, where she sings songs. In real life too she is a chirpy person”.

Lakhia told further “But Haseena doesn’t have any of these things. Also, everyone was surprised when I approached her.”

“As an actor, she never questioned, ‘Oh why am I playing a mother of four?’ That shows how confident she is of her talent. For a woman who is 30 to play a 50-year-old, where there is no song and dance what she is known for, is fantastic,” added Lakhia.


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