As a newcomer, I was advised to date actors and cricketers to create an image, reveals Richa Chadha!

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha, who is eventful promoting her forthcoming film Jia Aur Jia disclosed that when she was new in the film industry, she was advised to date actors and cricketers to create an image, but, she rejected to do it.

While speaking to a source, Richa told, “When I came to the industry, one PR person told me, ‘Send a text message to this actor. Go on a date with him’. And I said, ‘But he is married!’ then this person said, ‘Why didn’t you send a message to this cricketer? It would have been good for your career, for your PR and public image'”.

She specified that she cannot date anyone on a transactional basis. She further added, “These are the kind of advice I used to get, these are the things that people tell you when you are from outside world. That’s why I have very few friends in the industry”.

The actress spoke about her early days in Bollywood. Richa revealed, “When I did ‘Gangs…’ I didn’t have a manager, a PR or stylist. There were times when I was told that today we have a success party in the evening, and I would be like okay. And then I would go to a mall in Juhu, buy a dress, wear it there, go to a salon on the ground floor of that mall, do some make-up; that’s how I was managing then”.

Credit: Gossips4Fans

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