Bandgi Kalra’s love with Puneesh is real, not for cameras!

Bigg Boss 11’s participants Luv Tyagi, Puneesh Sharm and Bandgi Kalra were nominated for eviction this week. Bandgi received the lowest number of votes and got evicted from the Bigg Boss House. Bigg Boss exhibited Puneesh and Bandgi a video clipping about their joyful moments in the house, before pronouncing her eviction.

Bandgi disclosed various aspects about her relationship with Puneesh Sharma after her eviction lately.

When questioned about her journey in the Bigg Boss house, she told that it was amazing and different. About her relationship with Puneesh, Bandgi revealed, “It was a true relationship, one can not do it for the cameras, I think. If somebody has faked a relationship for the cameras, I can’t comment on it. But, my relationship with Puneesh was true.”

When enquired about their chat in the garden area, in which Bandgi wanted to break-up with Puneesh, she revealed, “Puneesh and I used to joke thousand times a day- let’s break up, and see how the other housemates react to it. Why would I break up? I love him.”

Credit: Gossips4Fans

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