Big B’s protest against Twitter by a poem!

Bollywood shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most active actor who is active on social media. His followers love the posts he shares and Amitabh always intermingles with them on his Twitter account. He shares unseen and real photographs of his from film-sets or family events.

Lately, Amitabh Bachchan threatened to leave Twitter after he lost followers. He posted, “T 2599 – TWITTER ..!!!?? you reduced my number of followers .. !!??HAHAHAHAHAHAHA .. !! thats a joke .. time to get off from you .. thank you for the ride .. there are many ‘other’ fish in the sea – and a lot more exciting !!”

With 3,29,41,837 followers, megastar Shah Rukh Khan is now the industry’s most followed personality on Twitter. Big B, on the other hand, has 3,29,02,320 million followers.

Several other stars in the US also criticized about losing followers. Twitter had then told that they will take action against a company that is responsible for it.

Amitabh Bachchan lost 200,000 followers on Twitter currently and composed a poem and addressed it to Twitter.

He posted, “Arey Bhai Sahab, ya behenji (pata nahi na inka gender kya hai, is liye dono ko sambodhit kiya) hum kuchh chhap rahe hain aur aap usko chhapne nahi de rahe hain. 200,000 follower ek hi din main kaat diye aapne, ab ise to mat kato yaar! Ab itna bhi zulm na karo” (Dear brother, or sister (I don’t know your gender, so have addressed both). I am trying to publish something but you are not allowing it. You have already removed my 2,000,000 followers in a day, now please don’t take this away. Please do not be so cruel.)

He also posted the poem that can be translated as, “O bird! Where is your home? You come flying here, you have so many fans. You have no fear, where will we go if you get angry. If your blessings are with us, our new flowers (words?) will be showered upon you.”

Credit: Gossips4Fans

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