Bigg Boss 11’s premiere with Salman Khan on October 1!

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is coming back as the host of Bigg Boss 11 and admirers are keenly awaiting for his weekly presence on television again. The Bigg Boss 11 Premiere will be broadcast on Colors at 9 pm IST on Sunday, October 1. Once the show begins, Bigg Boss 11 will air at 10.30 pm IST on Monday to Thursday, and at 9 pm IST on Saturday and Sunday.

Now, Bigg Boss will continue to have the aam aadmi or commoner participants like in Bigg Boss 10, along with celebrity participants. But the main theme in Bigg Boss 11 is that of ‘Padosi’ or ‘Neighbours’. There is a jail in the house this time, too, and is named Kalkothri. The Bigg Boss 11 house will also have an akhara or a wrestling space this time. The winner will be decided on the basis of popular votes.


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