Comedian Kapil Sharma’s revelation about alcoholism issue!

Comedian Kapil Sharma has been a really controversial personality this year whether it’s regarding his fall out with Sunil Grover, his show momentarily going off air or his ill health.

Kapil was accused of being very arrogant and throwing tantrums on sets which resulted in stopping shoots with Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn and Anil Kapoor.

He spoke to a famous daily about all his controversies and opened up about his ill health, his fall out with Sunil Grover and his alcoholism.

In issue to Sunil Grover, Kapil had revealed that he confesses his problem with comedian Sunil Grover and tells that he has paid a heavy price for the same. He also complained that it wasn’t that big an issue but the media inflated it, the entire him throwing his shoe controversy was totally fabricated by the media.

He also confessed the fact that his ill health has taken a toll on him and that he has checked in to an Ayurvedic clinic for complete detoxification. He admitted that his entire controversy and fall out with Sunil Grover affected him deeply and due to that he started drinking heavily which was completely unnecessary and painful.

Kapil had become mentally and emotionally weak and resorted to things like alcohol which had an adverse effect on his health and career.

The comedian is all set for his forthcoming movie Firangi and will resume with his The Kapil Sharma Show once he recovers and is done promoting his movie.

Credit & Source: Gossips4Fans

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