Having a different experience as vamp, reveals Pallavi Pradhan!

Television actress Pallavi Pradhan, who is presently seen as Uttaradevi in “Jiji Maa”, tells she is having a different experience while essaying the character with grey shades.

In the show, Pallavi is seen put on accessories, especially designed for her look like the oversized ‘bindi’ with the matching coloured vermilion. She also dons weighty ornaments with big earrings.

“I would give complete credit for my look to our producer Kinnari Mehta and our designers. They have been working together on my costumes and accessories. Also my make-up and hairstylist have completely helped me in transforming from Pallavi to Uttaradevi,” Pallavi revealed in a report.

“I am having a different experience not just in my role, but also on my look,” she further added.

The actress was previously seen in the popular TV show “Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant”.

Credit: Gossips4Fans

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