Hrithik Roshan opens about not doing more films!

Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan’s admirers are waiting to see him on the big screen post the release of Kaabil. The megastar who does one or two movies in two years has been making his fans impatient as they are waiting for the pronouncement of his next.

Lately, during a communication with a famous tabloid, Hrithik was questioned if he would like to do more movies than his usual count. To which he specified, “Yes, of course. Anybody would. There’s no reason for me to purposely do fewer films. Why would I not want to do more films? That’s not the motive. But the motive is to find great scripts where I can do something special. I don’t want to take up everything that comes to me and then, not do proper justice to it.”

There were rumors that Hrithik was approached for Vikas Bahl’s Super 30 based on the life and times of famous Mathematician Anand Kumar, but nothing has been confirmed about it.

Previously, Salman Khan disclosed that box-office is suffering as there have been a few hits this year. Due to which the pressure on the megastars has increased. Agreeing to Salman, Hrithik told, “Yes, there’s a huge crunch at the box office and I totally agree with what Salman has said. I’m trying to do that, but I am not finding amazing films. But I’m totally open to doing at least two films every year.”

He further told, “There’s a dearth of good stories. And we should hold ourselves responsible because we, as an industry, have not made writing aspirational. The writer is the one with whom everything starts and stops. Everything happens because of the script and everything depends on that man with the pen. Yet, we do not see their worth. We don’t pay them enough, we don’t hold them in high regard, we don’t respect them enough.”

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