I felt like jumping into sea, I was depressed, reveals Kapil Sharma!

Famous comedian Kapil Sharma is presently in limelight for his forthcoming film Firangi. Lately, the trailer of the film released and since then Kapil has been receiving a lot of praise for his role as a Punjabi Magga.

During the trailer launch of his movie, Kapil opened up and made some optimistic confessions about his fight with alcoholism and suicidal thoughts. He revealed, “I could not step on the stage to perform and would cancel the shoot. I suffered from anxiety and drank myself silly. I would stay locked up in the office with my pet dog. People stopped coming on the show and I went off the radar.”

He also disclosed how he had suicidal thoughts. He revealed, “One of my close friends asked me to shift to his seaside apartment. He thought a change of scene would be good for me. As I saw the wide expanse of sea from his balcony, I felt like jumping into it. I was depressed; it felt like the world was gunning for me.”

Kapil also spoke about how he turned to being an alcoholic thinking it would help him. He told, “I used to travel a lot for my film. Almost 7-8 hours used to go in it. And the media used to tell so much about me that I’m an alcoholic and all. I never had a PR to control all the image bashing. Then, there is Twitter and all this pressure. Now, I am impulsive – that’s just the way I am. I can’t do anything about it. However I may be, one thing is certain that I am a complete pure-hearted soul. All this negative publicity had put me in depression.”

Speaking about Kapil’s character in the movie, he plays the role of a young man named Magga. Kapil looks promising depicting a Punjabi munda with the perfect pronunciation and emotions in the trailer.

The movie is set to hit the theatre screens on November 24.

Credit: Gossips4Fans

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