I find every aspect of filmmaking fascinating, says Shahid Kapoor!

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor, in the career time of 14 years has amused the viewers with a range of roles. From being a chocolate boy to essaying an intense role on the big screen, Shahid has done it all!

During a communication with a tabloid, when Shahid was questioned about his change in the criteria of his movies, Shahid specified, “I’ve never really been able to judge it. But yes, I think about fewer things now when I do a film. I don’t think about 500 things. I try to keep it simple. I just follow my heart now. Earlier, I used to think about too many things.”

He was also questioned about venturing into direction or producing a movie, to which Shahid responded, “I find every aspect of filmmaking fascinating. I am curious. But my focus is on acting and won’t change for a while. Once you are an actor or a star, a change in orientation would mean taking time off and doing something else. I don’t know if a star can afford to do that. You should be ready to shut shop maybe.”

Shahid further revealed, “It is about changing your stream of work. People think acting and directing, same hee toh hai (it’s the same). You have to stop acting to make a movie. If you stop acting, who says that it will start again. To give you an example: If I want to make a film in India, and if I go for recce, there will be so many people (gathered) that I will be more of a distraction. So there are so many practical things you have to think about when you shift from being an actor to anybody else. Once you are an actor, you are probably a liability on others if you choose to do anything else. Just because you are an actor and a star, people will handle you as a liability. Yeh aata hai toh yeh problems hoti hai, but woh star hai toh chalo handle kar lete hai.”

Shahid ended conversation by telling, “My main reason is to focus on acting and get this (acting) to where I think I need to get it to. It’s not there yet; still, a long way to go.”

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