Irrfan Khan feels as no need of knowing acting to become a star!

Bollywood’s method actor Irrfan Khan has turned producer lately and is on the edge of finalizing his first movie as a producer. Presently, Irrfan also has a movie with Deepika Padukone lined up. The movie which will be helmed by Vishal Bharadwaj will go on floors in March.

Irrfan spoke about the significance of formal training in acting in a media chat to a tabloid. He revealed, “When I dreamed of becoming an actor, I knew I had to learn the craft. I never thought of just landing in Mumbai and start struggling to get a part. So that clarity I had from the beginning- that I had to learn the craft, before knocking on any doors.”

Irrfan also admitted that these days a lot of importance is given on the physique, looks and public relations rather than acting. He revealed, “In our cinema, sometimes acting is not required. That’s the reality. You don’t really need to know acting to become a star. So that’s why they think the way they do. If you have cinema where acting becomes crucial, then everybody would go and learn acting.”

About experiencing a formal training in acting, Irrfan told, “It depends on what kind of acting you want to do. Sometimes, people have no formal training and yet, they are excellent actors. Some people have formal training, but they couldn’t become an actor. In my case, (training) definitely helped. Had I not been to a drama school, I wouldn’t have been doing this kind of work.”

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