Katrina Kaif reveals about things to steal from Alia and Salman!

After baby shower, Neha Dhupia is ready to come on screen with 3rd season of No Filter Neha. It will be air on Tuesday. Leggy lass Katrina Kaif is going to first guest for this season. Katrina Kaif on the podcast show disclosed some shocking confessions and revelations. She revealed about her love to fitness regime to her BFF Alia Bhatt.

During one of the fun game segments, Neha Dhupia questioned Katrina what Kat would like to steal from Salman and Alia Bhatt. On this, Katrina answered, that she wants Salman’s charm and love for the people have for the star. And she would like to steal Alia’s awards.

Later, when questioned about her dating life. She told that how she feels that how one should not work upon finding a partner. “I feel that is something that should happen on its own, naturally and organically and it should come to you when the universe is going to bring it to you.”

Presently, Katrina is in a relationship only with her tracksuits and sweatpants.

Credit: Gossips4Fans

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