Manoj Bajpayee doesn’t believe in box office numbers!

Famous and National Award winning actor Manoj Bajpayee will next be seen in Aiyaary along with Sidharth Malhotra. In the film, Manoj will be seen essaying the role of Sidharth’s mentor.

Manoj Bajpayee is known for his unusual roles and had his share of highs and lows. Talking about his failures to a tabloid, Manoj told, “It’s always in your hands, and nobody else’s, if you do a ‘wrong’ film,” tells Manoj. “I, for one, am always afraid of doing a wrong film, [a film] which doesn’t go with my conviction. I’m not proud of such films, but the decision [to do them] was mine. I took those decisions due to some severe circumstances.”

He further defined what he means with doing a “wrong film” and revealed, “You have to convince yourself that you can sit at home and wait for the right role to come to you. I’m blessed to now have that much of patience to sit and do something else [rather] than take up something I don’t believe in,” he says.

Explaining further, he told, “I’ll never name these films, because they were my decisions, and [being wrong] had nothing to do with the people who offered them to me — rather, they had given me work. These films may have been wrong for me, but at that point oftime, it helped me pay some bills. But I can proudly say that those wrong ones were few in my career.”

At the time when movies success is calculated based on its box office numbers, Manoj maintained that he isn’t bothered by it. “I don’t judge films on the basis of how much business it has done, or will do. A good film is a good film, irrespective of whether it does well [commercially] or not. If you go by that, my career is made of flop films! There are people who’re convinced that though Manoj’s films haven’t done well, they were great, because I’ve done justice to them,” he told.

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