No plan B for Rajkummar Rao on films!

Renowned actor Rajkummar Rao has given extraordinary performances in movies like Shahid, Trapped, Bareilly Ki Barfi, Newton and numerous others. The actor has a good line up of movies and some of them are profitable entertainers.

About his critically acclaimed acts in 2017, Rajkummar Rao disclosed to a news daily, “In a way, it was, because people suddenly took notice of me, and that too in very different avatars. Look at BKB; nobody had ever seen me play a part like Pritam Vidrohi in such a light-hearted, commercial entertainer. Somewhere, it gave me a lot of recognition amongst the masses also due to what I did with my part. That really helped, and then the kind of box-office success and appreciation we got for Newton, Trapped and even Bose: Dead/Alive was amazing. I think those three-four projects really changed a lot of things for me. So, 2017 was a very exciting year when it comes to my career. Actually, I arrived [in the world] in 1984 when I was born (laughs). On a serious note, I have been continuously working since my first film, LSD (2010). And probably, there was a small group of people — amongst the film-loving audiences — that noticed my work. In the industry too, people liked me but at the end of day, it’s business. People will invest in you only if they see some kind of return and that’s the dark truth. Many feel that I have arrived now because there’s a belief that I can probably carry a film on my shoulders now.”

When quizzed if he feels competitive and has any pressure due to his colleagues, Rajkummar reveals, “To be honest, I feel very happy when I see my contemporaries attempt different parts as that’s very good for our cinema, and that’s also imperative for the kind of recognition we may eventually get on the global level. It’s very encouraging. I don’t feel insecure at all, as I have no insecurities, especially when it comes to my work and acting. I am an actor not because I wanted to prove a point but because I genuinely fell in love with cinema. There was never a plan B for me as this was the only thing I always knew all my life”

Credit: Gossips4Fans

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