Priyanka to reveal her scandalous love life!

Priyanka Chopra has been busy accomplishing her commitment as UNICEF’s goodwill-ambassador. Priyanka was lately on a visit to Jordan to meet Syrian refugee kids. Priyanka shared the message of peace in her UN speech too.

Priyanka gave an interview to a portal and spoke about the significance of world peace. She revealed, “The adults are clearly not making a good decision, look at what is happening with this world. IS that thw world you want to leave behind to your children? A barren wasteland where people are only fighting with each other and killing each other on the basis of color of your skin, the god that you pray to that no one has seen.What are we fighting about, What are we killing innocent people and children about. I have always been a believer of peace and I believe conversations sort out most problems in the world. I don’t believe in combat; I am a fighter. I will fight for what is right but I do it firmly instead of violently, unless you ask boyfriends that, they’ll tell you a different story. I just don’t talk about it (my relationships), doesn’t mean it didn’t exist or doesn’t (chuckles)”

But, Priyanka did disclose something personal at the end of her interview. She revealed that she is a peace-loving person in general but in her romantic relationships she can be a little volatile. She also suggested that there is something happening in her personal life, but did not divulge further details.

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