Sagarika Ghatge and I didn’t face any issues because of inter-religious set up, reveals Zaheer Khan!

The famous couple Cricketer Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge’s marriage is one of the most expected one this year. The two took the internet by storm when they pronounced their engagement. Now, the twosome is all set to get wedded and be with each other forever.

In an interview with a tabloid, the two opened up on how it all started as they both are different personalities but one thing which was common between the two was that they were choosy in terms of whom to hang out with.

Now, the wedding is round the corner, how’s the enthusiasm level at their homes? Zaheer told, “It’s upbeat for me, stressful for Sagarika (smiles). She is the worrier, because she is more responsible as far as the timelines are concerned. With me, things go haywire.”

As the nuptial is inter-religious, did they face any problems because of that? Well, then the answer is NO. Zaheer revealed, “We didn’t face any such issues. Both our families are evolved enough to understand that it’s about marrying the right person over marrying into the same religion. It’s important to be a good human being.” Sagarika further added, “My parents are also open-minded and their primary concern was that I marry the right person. I am sure they may have had their apprehensions, but after meeting him, it cleared a lot of things for them. He is perfect.”

On the question of nikaah or Hindu Shaadi?, Zaheer revealed, “We are going to stay away from both. It will be a court marriage on November 27 in Mumbai. There will be a pre and post wedding functions. I am planning to have something in Pune as well, so the ceremony will go on for a few days. We want this to be a get-together for close friends and family.” Sagarika also added, “We are also planning to have something in my hometown Kolhapur, sometime later.”

Credit: Gossips4Fans

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