Tabu doesn’t want to limit herself in the formula of “women-oriented” film!

Much-admired actress Tabu tells she enjoys essaying strong women characters on screen but she doesn’t want to limit herself in the formula of “women-oriented” film.

She considers taking the responsibility of a whole film could affect her creative mind. So, she is cautious with her choice at this point of her career.

As ‘women-oriented’ movies are changing the narrative of new age Indian cinema, why has she not appeared in such movies in recent times? Tabu revealed, “Now, taking a decision on films is not that black and white like earlier. In the beginning of my career, I have done many films where the tag of ‘women-oriented’ film was not there… I chose the films because the character was substantial. Now, if producers and directors are coming to me with the formula of ‘women-oriented’ films, with the idea of putting the responsibility of a film on my shoulder, I do not want to get stuck in there.”

“The focus should be on my work, as in on my performance, not that I sell in this category of film.” she further added.

Credit: Gossips4Fans

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