Vidya Balan opens up about her onscreen kissing experiences with Emraan Hashmi!

Actress Vidya Balan doesn’t shy away in putting out her opinions out on a public platform. Balan became frank about both her personal and professional life with actress Neha Dhupia for her chat show No Filter Neha.

Talking about her onscreen kissing experiences, “Arshad’s very good but Emraan Hashmi just before the scene, will say something really ridiculous to you. On Ghanchakkar, he kept telling me – so what do you think Siddharth’s going to say after watching the scene? You think I’ll get my last cheque? And I’d be like why? He’s like, after Siddharth watches this and I’d be like why do you have to do this before every take.”

She also disclosed Arshad Warsi’s cheat meal during the shoot of Ishqiya. She revealed, “During the shoot of Ishqiya, Arshad was obsessed with being fit. He would wake up at some 4:30 in the morning and I’d hear him walk the treadmill. Lunch he’d have tinned tuna or salmon and I would get my lunch from a hole in the wall Maharashtrian restaurant called Bandu Gore. Roti, sabzi and lovely raita. My team and I used to have that for lunch and dinner. Invariably, I would skip dinner. I would have fruits or something and at around 8-8:30 I would get a call from Arshad saying khana kha liya? I’d be like nahi, khane wali hu but soch rahi hu nahi khau. He’d be like nahi nahi suno kisi ko dena mat, main aa raha hu and he’d come and polish off the food.”

“Wherever I smell paint or turpentine, I ask people to get me a little bit of it and I keep inhaling it. And people have told me it’s an addiction and I’m like no it’s not an addiction but ya it is addictive and I love it,” told Vidya.

When Neha asked her what’s it like waking up to SRK every morning, Vidya told, “Let me specify, those who are desperately waiting for a controversy around my name because it’s been a while… I wake up to a better-looking SRK. He is the most good looking guy on the planet Earth. I’m glad I signed up for it.”

In the show, Vidya admitted wanting to work with Ranbir Kapoor as he is such a good actor. Vidya has no plans to have kids for now. She revealed, “We (Siddharth Roy Kapur and I) have our hands quite full and more than anything else it’s great to spend time with kids you’re not responsible for.”

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