Enjoy the Holi with Mumbai Gahoi Samaj’s special gift!

As we know well that Mumbai Gahoi Samaj is taking a lot of innovative  initiatives for creating feelings as every Gahoi bandhu is a very special for Mumbai Gahoi Samaj. It’s really a something great effort to put Gahoi Bandhus together with close affinity.

Recently, the members of the Mumbai Gahoi Samaj committee had come together for creating and wrapping special Holi gift for all Gahoi Bandhus around the Mumbai. The gift consists some colours, 1 snacks, 1 sweet and 1 pichakari with a warm message from President, Gahoi Mumbai Samaj. It’s really sweet and warm geatures of Mumbai Gahoi Samaj on the auspicious occasion of Holi.

This special Holi gifts have distributed each and every known Gahoi Bandhus around the Mumbai through their respective committee members.

My sincere thanks to all committee members of Gahoi Samaj Mumbai for this great initiative. We wish them for other future initiatives for the progress of Gahoi Samaj.

Jai Bharat – Jai Gahoi

We wish you all Gahoi Bandhus Happy and Colourful Holi.

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