Gahoi Samaj Mumbai’s get together with Gahoi families of BARC!

Recently, the Gahoi families of BARC, Mumbai invited committee members of Gahoi Samaj Mumbai for meeting face to face and sharing ideas to enhance bonding between Gahoi Bandhus all around the world.

It was a great initiative by a committee member Shri Akhilesh Laharia from BARC region, Mumbai. Shri Lahariaji ensured the well arrangement and great comfortness between all BARC Gahoi families and Gahoi committe members.

Everybody was in awe for this unique get together and all were happy to share ideas for Gahoi Samaj’s progress.

It was attended by Gahoi Neeraj Seth, Ashok Nagariya, Ashish Nagariya, Mahesh Khare, Pradeep Katare and other respected committee members.

Jai Bharat – Jai Gahoi

We wish to all Gahoi Bandhus and Gahoi Mumbai Samaj for this successful and fruitful get together.

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