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Daamodar = a name of Krishna
Daaruk = charioteer of Krishna, tree
Daarun = hard Male Hindu
Dahana = a rudra
Daitya = A non Aryan
Daiwik = By the grace of God
Daksh = a son of Brahma, capable
Dakshesh = name of Lord Shiva
Dakshi = The glorious
Dakshinayan = some Movement of the Sun
Dalpati = commander of group
Daman = one who controls
Damodar = Lord Krishna
Dandak = a forest
Dandapaani = an epithet for Yama
Danta = Calm. Lord Hanuman
Danvir = Charitable
Darpad = Lord Shiva
Darpak = Kamdev, god of love
Darpan = Mirror
Darsh = Lord Krishna
Darshak = spectator
Darshan = vision
Darshit = seen, vision
Daruka = Deodar tree
Dasharath = the father of Lord Rama
Dasharathi = Lord Rama
Datta = one who is given
Dattatreya = A son of Atri, a god
Dattey = Lord Indra
Daya = mercy
Dayaal = kind hearted
Dayakar = Merciful Lord Shiva
Dayamay = full of mercy
Dayanand = who takes joy in being merciful
Dayanidhi = kind person
Dayaram = Merciful
Dayasagar = extremely kind, sea of mercy
Dayashankar = Merciful Lord Shiva
Dayaswarup = merciful
Debashish = Pleased by godsq
Debjit = One who has conquered Gods
Deenabandhu = friend of the poor
Deenadayaal = humble and merciful
Deenanath = lord of the poor
Deenbabdhu = brother of poor people
Deep = a lamp
Deepak = light, candle
Deepan = lighting up
Deepankar = one who lights the lamp
Deependra = lord of lights
Deependu = bright moon
Deepesh = lord of light
Deepit = lighted
Deeptanshu = the sun
Deeptendu = bright moon
Deeptiman = lustrous
Deeptimoy = lustrous
Dehabhuj = Another name for lord Shiva
Dev = god, king
Devaapi = an ancient king
Devabrata = a name of Bhishma
Devadas = follower of god
Devadatt = gift of the God
Devadeva = Lord of All Lords
Devagya = with knowledge of God
Devaj = From God
Devajyoti = brightness of the lord
Devajuta = The one with the Good
Devak = Divine
Devakeenandan = name of Lord Krishna
Devakumar = son of a god
Deval = name of a saint
Devanand = joy of God
Devang = Part of god
Devank = Godly
Devansh = Part of God
Devarshi = Sage of the Gods
Devashish = Blessing of God
Devbrata = Bhishma
Devdarsh = Worshipper of God
Devdas = Servant of god
Devdatta = Given by God
Deveedaas = servant of the god
Devendra = king of Gods
Devendranath = lord of the king of Gods
Devesh = Lord Shiva
Deveshwar = Lord Shiva
Devguru = teacher of Gods ( Brihaspati )
Devidas = servant (devotee) of Godess
Devi = Goddess
Devilaal = son of Devi
Deviprasad = Gift of godess
Devkinandan = son of Devki;(Lord Krishna)
Devkumar = son of gods
Devnarayan = king
Devnath = king of gods
Devpad = Divine feet
Devraaj= king among gods, name of Indra
Devrat = Spiritual
Devsena = army of gods
Devvrata = name of an ancient king
Dewansh = Part of God
Dhairya = Patience
Dhananad = pleasure of having wealth
Dhananjay = one who wins wealth
Dhanapati = lord of wealth
Dhanesh = lord of wealth
Dhanraj = Lord Kuber
Dhansukh = wealthy; happy
Dhanush = The Bow
Dhanvant = wealthy
Dhanvantari = doctor of Gods
Dhanvin = Lord Shiva
Dhanvine = A Name for Lord Rama
Dhanya = Giver Of Wealth. Lord Vishnu
Dharamnishth = one who has faith in religion
Dharanidhar = Sheshnaag
Dharitree = the earth
Dharma = religion, nature, law
Dharmadaas = servant of religion
Dharmadev = lord of religion
Dharmakeerti = fame of religion
Dharmaketu = who upholds the right way
Dharmanand = takes pleasure religion
Dharmaraaj = king of religion
Dharmaveer = protector of religion
Dharmendra = Lord of religion
Dharmendu = light of religion
Dharmesh = Lord of religion
Dharmik = A Name for Lord Ganesha
Dharm-mitra = friend of religion
Dharmpaal = protector of religion
Dharuna = a rishi
Dhatri = a son of Vishnu/Lakshmi
Dhaval = Fair complexioned
Dheeman = intelligent
Dheemant = wise; intelligent
Dheer = tolerant
Dheeraj = patience, consolation
Dheerandra = god of courage
Dhimant = Intelligent
Dhiraj = Patience
Dhiren = One who is strong
Dhirendra = Lord of the brave
Dhritiman = patient
Dhrupad = Lord Krishna
Dhruv = the polar star
Dhuha = forenoon
Dhyanesh = meditative
Dhyaneshwar = Lord of meditation
Digant = horizon
Digambar = unencumbered
Digvastra = Sky Clad
Digvijay = who is victorious over everyone
Dikshan = initiation
Dilawar = brave
Dilber = lover
Dileep = king of the solar race
Dilip = A king, ancestor of Rama
Dinakar = the sun
Dinanath = protector
Dinar = gold coin
Dindayal = kind to the poor
Dinendra = lord of the day, the sun
Dinesh = the sun
Dinpal = sun
Dipal = diya, light
Dipankar = Moon
Dipen = Lord of the lamp
Dipendu = Moon
Dipesh = Lord of light
Diptanshu = Sun
Divaakar = the sun
Divit = Immortal
Divyanshu = divine light, sun
Divyendu = the moon
Divyesh = Sun
Dron = Mahabharata Guru
Drupad = a king, father of draupadi
Dulal = Loved one
Duranjaya = A heroic son
Durga = unreachable
Durgadas = devotee of Godess Durga
Durgadutt = gift from Godess Durga
Durgesh = lord of forts
Durijesh = Moon
Durja = the Invincible
Durjaya = Difficult to conquer
Durvish = who cannot be affected by poison
Dushyant = name of a King
Dwaraka = Lord Krishna’s kingdom
Dwarakadas = servant of Dwaraka
Dwarakanath = lord of Dwaraka, Krishna
Dwaipayan = the sage Vyasa
Dwijaraj = king of brahmins; the moon
Dwijendra = king of brahmins; the moon
Dwijesh = Lord of brahmins
Dyumna = glorious
Dyumani = Lord Shiva
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