Indian baby boy names start with letter H! provides Indian baby Boy names and Hindu baby Boy names here with a collection of good, rare, traditional, uncommon, beautiful, spiritual Indian and Hindu names for your baby Boy. All names are arranged alphabetically with the meanings.


Haadiya = guide to righteousness
Hakesh = Lord of sound
Hana = happiness
Hanan = mercy
Hans = swan
Hanshal = Swan like
Hansin = The universal Soul
Hansraaj = king of swans
Hanuman = Monkey God
Hanumant = The monkey god
Har = name of Shiva
Hara = The Remover of Sins
Hardik = heartfelt
Hareendra = Lord Shiva
Harekrishna = Lord Krishna
Haresh = Lord Krishna
Hari = name of Vishnu
Hari = Om saluting Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
Hariaksa = Lord Shiva
Haricharan = feet of the lord
Haridas = servant of Hari
Harigopal = lord krishna
Harihar = Shiva and Vishnu together
Harij = The horizon
Harilal = son of Hari
Harinarayan = Lord Vishnu
Harindra = A tree
Harindranath = lord of Hari
Hariprasad = blessed by Lord Krishna
Haripreet = Beloved of Gods
Hariram = Lord Rama
Harishankar = Lord Shiva
Harishchandra = king of Surya dynasty
Harit = green
Haritbaran = green
Harivansh = belonging to the family of Hari
Harivilaas = the abode of Hari
Harjeet = victorious
Harkrishna = Lord Krishna
Harmendra = the moon
Haroon = Hope
Harsh = happiness
Harsha = joy, delight
Harshad = one who showers joy
Harshal = joyful
Harshavardhan = creator of joy
Harshini = joyful
Harshit = joyous
Harshul = deer
Harteij = Radiance of Lord
Hasan = Laughter
Hasit = happy
Hasmukh = Full of cheer
Hastin = elephant
Havish = Lord Shiva
Hem = Gold; Lord Buddha
Hemaadri = mountain of gold
Hemachandra = golden moon
Hemadri = Mountain of gold
Hemakesh = Lord Shiva
Hemal = body made of gold
Hemamdar = golden creeper
Hemang = body made of gold
Hemanga = golden coloured
Hemant = beautiful season of the year
Hemaprakash = golden light
Hemaraj = King of gold
Hemavatinandan = son of Goddess Parvati
Hemchander = golden moon
Hemdev = Lord of wealth
Hemen = The King of Gold
Hemendra = lord of gold
Hemendu = golden moon
Hemish = Lord of the earth
Hemraaj = king of gold
Hemayu = one with a long life
Heramba = belonging to Lord Ganesh
Hetal = Cheerful
Himaadri = snow mountain
Himanshu = moon, snow
Himachal = the Himalayas
Himanish = Lord Shiva
Himank = Diamond
Himmat = courage
Himnish = Lord Shiva
Hind = India
Hindola = a raga
Hiral = wealthy
Hiranmaya = made of gold
Hiranya = a precious metal
Hiranyak = Name of a Maharishi
Hiren = Lord of the Diamonds
Hirendra = lord of diamonds
Hiresh = king of gems
Hitakrit = well wisher, well to do
Hriday = the heart
Hridayanath = lord of the heart
Hridayesh = lord of the heart
Hridyanshu = light from heart, moon
Hrishi = Pleasure
Hrishikesh = Lord of the senses, Vishnu
Hrithik = From the Heart
Huda = right guidance
Huthesh = God of Earth
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