Indian baby boy names start with letter L! provides Indian baby Boy names and Hindu baby Boy names here with a collection of good, rare, traditional, uncommon, beautiful, spiritual Indian and Hindu names for your baby Boy. All names are arranged alphabetically with the meanings.


Laabh = profit
Laalamani = ruby
Laavanya = beauty
Lahar = Wave
Lakhan = Lord Rama’s brother
Lakshan = Aim
Laksh = aim, target
Lakshman = brother of Lord Rama
Lakshmikant = Vishnu, husband of Goddess Lakshmi
Lakshanya = one who achieves
Lakshmidhar = Lord Vishnu
Lakshmigopal = Lord Vishnu
Lakshmikant = husband of Lakshmi
Lakshminath = Lord Vishnu
Lakshminarayan = Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu together
Lakshmipati = husband of Lakshmi
Lakshmiraman = Lord Vishnu
Lakshya = target
Lalam = Jewel
Lalan = nurturing
Lalchand, Lalchandra = red moon
Lalit= lovely, fine
Lalit = name of Lord Krishna, attractive
Lalitaditya = beautiful sun
Lalitchandra = beautiful moon
Lalitesh = God of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife
Lalitkishore = beautiful
Lalitkumar = beautiful
Lalitlochan = one with beautiful eyes
Lalitmohan = beautiful and attractive
Lambodar = Lord Ganesh
Laniban = Lord Shiva
Lankesh = Ravana
Larraj = A sage
Lav = son of Lord Rama, fragment
Lavitra = Lord Shiva
Layak = Capable
Lekh = Document Likhit
Liladhar = Lord Vishnu
Lochan = bright eyes
Lohendra = Lord of three worlds
Lohit = red, made of copper, Mars
Lohitaksha = Lord Vishnu
Lohitashwa = one with red horse, Fire
Lokakriti = Creator of the World.
Lokanetra = Eye of the world
Lokapujya = Worshipped by the Universe. A name for Lord Hanuman
Lokesh = Lord Brahma
Lokbhushan = Ornament of the world
Loknaath = lord of the world
Lokpradeep = Gautam Budha
Lokprakash = light of the world
Lokranjan = Lord Vishnu
Lomash = A sage
Lukesh = King of the empire
Luv = Rama’s twin son


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