Indian Baby Girl Names Or Hindu Girl Baby Names Start With Letter G! provides Indian Baby Girl names and Hindu Baby Girl names here with a collection of good, rare, traditional, uncommon, beautiful, spiritual Indian and Hindu names for your baby Girl. All names are arranged alphabetically with the meanings.

Gajra, Gajara = garland of flowers
Gandhali = Sweet scent
Ganesa = good luck
Ganga = River Ganga
Gangi = Goddess Durga
Gangika = River
Ganika = Flower
Ganjan = Exceding
Garati = Virtuous woman
Gargi = Name of a learned woman
Garima = Warmth
Gaura = Goddes Parvati, name of a raaga
Gauri = Parvati
Gaurika = Pretty young girl
Gautami = River Godavari
Gayatri = Mother of the Vedas, Goddess Saraswati
Geet = Melody
Geeta = Holy book of the Hindus
Geeti = Melody
Gina = Silvery
Ginni = Precious gold coin
Gira = Language
Giribala = Goddess Parvati
Girija = Parvati
Girisha = Goddess Parvati
Gita = Song
Gitali = Melodious
Gitanjali = Collection of poems
Gitashri = the Bhagvat Gita
Gitika = A small song
Giva = Hill
Goda Devi
Godavari = River Godavari
Godavri = A river
Gomti = A river
Gopa = Gautama’s wife
Gopi = Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna
Gopika = Cowherd girls
Gorma = Goddess Parvati
Gorochana = Goddes Parvati
Gourangi = Fair complexioned
Gowri = “Bright, Parvati”
Greeshma = Kind of Season
Grishma = Warmth
Gul = Flower
Gulab = Rose
Gulika = A pearl
Gunavati = virtuous
Gunita = Virtuous
Gunjan = Echo
Gunjita = Humming of bee, echo
Gunnika = Garland
Gurjari = name of an Indian raaga
Gurparveen = Goddess of the stars
Gyanada = Saraswati

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