Indian Baby Girl Names Or Hindu Girl Baby Names Start With Letter H! provides Indian Baby Girl names and Hindu Baby Girl names here with a collection of good, rare, traditional, uncommon, beautiful, spiritual Indian and Hindu names for your baby Girl. All names are arranged alphabetically with the meanings.

Haimi = Golden
Haimavathi = Godess Lakshmi
Hamsa = Swan
Hamsavahini = who rides a swan; Saraswathi
Hamsini = who rides a swan; Saraswathi
Hansa = Swan
Hansamala = a line or row of swans
Hansini = Swan and Beautiful lady
Haribala = Daughter of Lord Vishnu
Harinakshi = One with eyes like deer
Harini = A deer
Haripriya = liked by Hari
Harita = Green
Harper = One who plays the harp
Harshada = one who brings happiness
Harshal = Glad
Harshi = Joyous
Harshika = Joyous, who gives happiness
Harshini = Happy
Harshita = Joyful; who brings happiness
Harsika = Laugh
Hasina = Good
Hasita = Full of laughter
Heera = diamond
Heerkani = small diamond
Hema = Golden
Hemadri = Golden hills
Hemakshi = Golden eyes
Hemal = Golden
Hemalata = golden creeper
Hemangi = Golden body
Hemangini = Girl with golden body
Hemani = Goddess Parvati
Hemanti = born in the Hemant season
Hemaprabha = golden light
Hemashri = one with golden body
Hemavati = Goddess Parvati
Hemkanta = golden girl
Hemlata = Golden creeper
Henna = Mehndi Hera = Queen of Gods
Hilla = Timid
Hima = Snow
Hima = bindu
Himagouri = Parvati
Himaja = Goddess Parvati
Himani = Parvati
Hina = A shrub
Hinda = female deer
Hiral = Wealthy
Hiranmayi = Golden girl
Hita = Lovable
Hitaishi = Well wisher
Hiya = Heart
Hradini = Lightening
Hridya = Heart, kind hearted
Hrithika = kind hearted
Huma = Bird of paradise
Humaila = Golden Necklace
Hyma = Godess Parvathi
Hymavathi = Godess Lakshmi

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