Indian Baby Girl Names Or Hindu Girl Baby Names Start With Letter L! provides Indian Baby Girl names and Hindu Baby Girl names here with a collection of good, rare, traditional, uncommon, beautiful, spiritual Indian and Hindu names for your baby Girl. All names are arranged alphabetically with the meanings.

Laabha = profit
Laalamani = ruby
Laasya = Dance performed by Goddess Parvathi
Labangalata = a flowering creeper
Laboni = Graceful
Labuki = Musical instrument
Ladhi = Sangeet
Ladli = Loved one
Laghima = Goddess Parvathi
Laghuvi = Tender
Laharika = Waves of ocean
Lajita = Modest
Lajja = modesty
Lajjawati = shy, modest woman
Lajvanti = shy, ‘touch me not’ plant
Lajvati = shy
Lajwanti = modest
Lajwati = modest
Lakhi = Goddess Laxmi
Laksha = Aim
Lakshaki = Goddess Sita
Lakshana = one with auspicious signs on her
Lakshanya = One who achieves
Lakshita = Distinguished
Lakshmi = Goddess of Wealth
Lakshmishree = fortunate
Lakshya = aim, destination
Lalan = nurturing
Lalana = a girl
Lalasa = love
Lali = Blushing
Lalima = Beauty
Lalita = Beautiful Woman
Lalitamohana = attractive, beautiful
Laranya = Graceful
Lasaki = Sita; made of lac
Lata = Creeper
Latakara = mass of creepers
Latangi = slim girl
Latika = Small Creeper
Lavali = clove
Lavangi = An Angel
Lavani = grace
Lavanya = grace
Lavenia = Purified
Laxmi = Goddess of Wealth
Leela = Divine drama
Leelamayee = playful Leelavati,
Lilavati = Goddess Durga
Leena = A devoted one; Tender
Lekha = Writing
Lekisha = Life
Leora = Light
Libni = Manuscripts of God
Lilavati = God’s will
Lillian = Lily
Lilly = a flower
Lipi = Manuscripts of God
Lipika = Litters; alphabets
Lochana = eye
Lohini = red skinned
Lokajanani = mother of the world
Lokamatri = Lakshmi; mother of the world
Lola = Goddess Laxmi
Lolaksi = a sakti of Ganesha
Lolita = Ruby
Lona = beauty, pretty
Lopa = Learned
Lopamudra = Wife of Saint Agastya
Loukya = Worldly Wise, Goddess Lakshmi
Lucia = light
Lumbika = A Musical Instrument
Lunasha = Beauty and brightness of flowers

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