Indian baby girl names start with letter C! provides Indian Baby Girl names and Hindu Baby Girl names here with letter C and its meaning for you. provides Indian Baby Girl names and Hindu Baby Girl names here with a collection of good, rare, traditional, uncommon, beautiful, spiritual Indian and Hindu names for your baby Girl. All names are arranged alphabetically with the meanings.

Cauvery = Same as Kavery-name of a river
Chaaya = Shadow
Chahna = Love
Chairavali = full moon of Chaitra month
Chaitali = Born in the Chaitra month
Chaitaly = Name of an ancient city
Chaitanya = divine radiance
Chaitra = 1st month in Indian calendar, beginning
Chakori = Alert
Chakrika = Lakshmi
Chalama = Goddess Parvati
Chaman = Garden
Chameli = A creeper with flowers
Champa = A flower
Champakmala = garland of Champa flowers
Chanchal = Active
Chanchala = Unsteady, Lakshmi
Chanchari = bird, vortex of water,
Chanda = moon
Chandan = Sandlewood
Chandana = Sandal wood
Chandani = Star
Chandi = Great Goddess
Chandika = Goddess Durga
Chandini = Star
Chandra = Moon
Chandrabha = moon- light
Chandrabhaga = River Chenab in India
Chandrajyoti = moon- light
Chandrakala = phases of the moon
Chandrakali = 1/16th of the moon
Chandrakanta = wife of the moon (night)
Chandrakanti = moon light
Chandraki = Peacock
Chandralekha = ray of moon
Chandramukhi = one with a moon like face
Chandraprabha = star, moon light
Chandrapushpa = star
Chandrika = Moonlight
Chandrima = Moon
Chane = name of a god, dependability
Chapala = quick, lightening
Chara = Quiet and Frisky
Charita = Good
Charmaine = Song
Charu = Beautiful, attractive
Charulata = Beautiful creeper
Charulekha = Beautiful picture
Charumati = a beautiful lady
Charunetra = One with beautiful eyes
Charusheela = Beautiful Jewel
Charvi = beautiful
Chashmum = my eyes
Chatura = smart, wise
Chaunta = One who outshines the stars
Chetana = Consciousness
Chetna = Power of intellect; Alert
Chhavi = Reflection
Chhavvi = Image, radiance
Chhaya = Shadow
Chinmayi = Blissful
Chintanika = Meditation
Chitra = Picture, a nakshatra
Chitragandha = A fragrant material
Chitrakshi = Colourful eyes
Chitralekha = as beautiful as a picture
Chitrali = line of pictures
Chitrangada = name of Arjun’s wife
Chitrani = River Ganga
Chitrathi = A Bright Chariot
Chitrita = beautiful, decorated
Chunni = A star


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