Malayalee wedding and its traditional customs and rituals!

The Malayalee wedding customs are simple. There are no strict rules in the Malayalee marriage. It is typically a very simple and sweet event. is delighted to provide an insight to these Malayalee Wedding…


Malayalee Wedding is pleasurable and rituals are full of fun. Close relatives and friends take part actively in the numerous ceremonies. There are no strict rules in the Malayalee marriage. It is typically a very simple and sweet event.

The Malayalee wedding customs are simple. The marriage ritual lasts for a short period known as the ‘Muhurtham’. The close relatives and friends of the bride side and the groom’s side come together to celebrate the rituals and enjoy every moments. The Malayalee marriage customs are often arranged in village temple.

Pre Wedding Traditional Rituals in Malayalee Wedding:

Muhurtham Ritual – a Pre Wedding Traditional Rituals: 

Horoscope matching is an important ritual in a traditional malayalee marriage. By consulting astrologer, compatibility between the boy and girl is checked and if the horoscopes of the boy and girl match, then an auspicious date or muhurtham is selected.

Nischayam Ceremony – a Pre Wedding Traditional Rituals: 

Nischayam is mainly an engagement ceremony, in which the elders make the announcement to their family friends and relatives about their child`s engagement. This is like announcing the engagement of the alliance but bizarrely, the prospective bride and groom do not witness this occasion.

Traditional Feast – a Pre Wedding Traditional Rituals: 

On the day before marriage, a special traditional feast is prepared. It is served to the guests at the bride`s house. The bride is made to sit facing the east. She takes a traditional five-course vegetarian meal with her loving family members.

Wedding Rituals in Malayalee Wedding:

Madhuparkam Ceremony: 

In a Malayalee marriage, typically the girl wears a two-piece sari, known as Mundu. The bride is adorned with flowers and jewellery. The groom dresses up in traditional dhoti and angavastram. As a part of ritual, the bride`s father washes his son-in-law`s feet and gives him a warm welcome. The groom gives his father-in-law an off white color sari that the bride wears for the weddings.

Veli Ceremony:

The actual wedding ceremony which takes place in front of the holy fire is named Veli. After the couple takes three rounds around the fire, the groom ties the `Taali` that is strung on the yellow thread around the bride`s neck. After this ceremony Kanyadaanam or Penkoda ceremonies take place, in which the bride`s father hands over her duty to the boy.

Sparsham Ritual:

The end of Kanyadaanam ritual is followed by Sparsham. As a part of this ritual, the groom is made to sit in front of the bride. He is asked to tilt his head backwards, so as to touch his wife`s forehead. After this, while chanting mantras, the bride puts some puffed rice into the fire. The groom is then asked to lift his wife`s foot and place it on the Ammi (grinding stone). It represents the breaking of old ties. Afterward, the groom takes the bride`s foot forward seven times with his hand. It symbolizes her entry into the new family.

Sadhya Ritual: 

After the Veli ceremony, their marriage is announced. The party is arranged at the venue after the traditional feast called Sadhya which always follow the rituals of Malayalee marriage.

Post Wedding Rituals in Malayalee Wedding:


After the completion of marriage ceremony, a delicious meal is served generally a vegetarian feast. The newlyweds then leave for their house, where oil lamps are lit to welcome them. This ceremony is called Kudivep.


The bride makes entry into the groom`s house in a ceremony called Grihpravesh.

Special Features:

Another significant Malayalee marriage ritual is the Sadhya that is followed by a lunch. This feast is served on the banana leaves where a list of dishes is served on them. This takes place on both, the engagement day also the wedding day. Other specialties include the Grihpravesh which is the occasion where the bride enters the groom’s house for the first time after wedding.

The Malayalee wedding customs are distinctive in many ways and hence, one shouldn’t miss them if one gets an opportunity to attend.

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