Akshay Kumar reveals reason behind shaved off his head!

Bollywood versatile and evergreen actor Akshay Kumar puts in his 100% for all the roles he gets and is known for experimenting different looks for his characters. The actor has now shaved off his head and admirers have loved his new look too. Akshay is maybe one of A-Listers who has no qualms about showing his baldpate.

A lot of conjectures have been doing the rounds about his look – is it the hair weaving going wrong or is it for a new movie? A source reveled a tabloid, “Akshay had bonded hair before. He never went for a surgery. Regrettably, the hair that the artificial hair bonded with also started thinning, prompting the doctor to tell him that his hair follicles are too weak to hold bonded hair.”

Akshay has also put all stories to rest during PadMan promotions on a television show. He disclosed that he decided to go bald as he is presently shooting for Kesari and has to wear a huge turban, which is uncomfortable and hot.

In a communication with media about film PadMan, Akshay revealed, “I am already victorious with millions and millions of people talking about Padman on social media, men discussing with other men and asking each other whether they watched the Padman trailer and that it talks about sanitary pads. I am glad they are talking, they should know.”

He further added, “Firstly, do not call it a sensitive issue. It (menstruation) is a natural process of a human body. It is time to get rid of those taboos attached to it and it is time to treat the issue maturely. Also, women should not shy away from talking about the issue and certainly should not whisper about it.”

Credit: Gossips4Fans

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