Alia Bahtt’s shramdaan with Aamir Khan on Labour Day!

Earlier, Aamir Khan has taken an initiative to help the farmers in Maharashtra. The megastar has helped several farmers in the drought-prone areas in the state.

Lately, as it is Maharashtra Day-Labour Day, Aamir Khan along with Alia Bhatt came together for shramdaan in Latur district.

Yesterday, Alia Bhatt had pronounced on her Twitter that she will help in this good cause along with Aamir. She posted, “Alia Bhatt announced her involvement in the shramdaan for this year and tweeted, “Tomorrow that is the 1st of May.. I will be at a village in Marathwada, doing shramadaan with a shovel in my hands. What’s your plan?”.

Credit: Gossips4Fans


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