Big B’s NO for Salman’s Race 3!

Film Race 3 has been making news ever since Salman Khan came onboard for it, making the franchise superior and better. Rumors were widespread that Amitabh Bachchan might also be a part of the film. But, later news suggested that Aditya Pancholi has been roped in for the same role.

While it would have been a spectacle to watch Salman and Big B share screen space, a source disclosed to a daily why the superstar had to say NO to Race 3. As per the source, Big B’s date issues were one of the reasons why he wasn’t able to take up the project.

“Big B already has given his October and November dates for the football biopic Jhund. The Race 3 team also plan to begin shooting around the same time. The clash of dates meant that Bachchan had to choose one and since he had already given his dates to Jhund, he politely turned down Race 3,” the source revealed.

Credit: Gossips4Fans

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