Priyanka Chopra’s stern reply to a nasty troller!

Priyanka Chopra’s stern reply to a negative troll about her UNICEF initiative!

International diva Priyanka Chopra has been a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF for over a period now. She has been associated with numerous awareness programs for UNICEF across the globe. Priyanka flew to Zimbabwe and South Africa previously this year to interact with child victims of sexual violence. She is presently in Jordan on a visit for UNICEF and has been interacting with children from Syria.

About the visit, Priyanka had written on her social media handler, “Let’s take this trip together… let’s open our eyes and our hearts to the #ChildrenUprooted in the Syrian Refugee crisis. This will be our #MissionForChildren. Let’s show them that the world cares and help them find a way forward.. come along with me… I’ll update as much as I can and in as much detail as I can…@Unicef #PCInJordan #syrianrefugees#ChildrenOfSyria.”

Priyanka Chopra is frank and is known to give it back to trolls. She had lately told in an interview to a leading TV channel, “I don’t know why you guys give trolling so much importance but for me trolling is not news, it never has been. Trolling is just someone’s opinion and who cares about that?”

Currently, Ravindra Gautam tried to troll Priyanka for her international work with UNICEF and questioned her initiatives. He pointed out the need for aid for children in India. Priyanka gave a firm reply to the troll. She posted, “Ive worked w/ @UNICEFIndia for 12 yrs&visited many such places. What have u done @RavindraGautam_ ?Y is 1 childs prob less imp than another?”

Credit & Source: Gossips4Fans

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