Rajkummar Rao’s experience as the youngest teacher in the drama school!

Gifted actor Rajkummar Rao has won hearts with his outstanding performances. He is also a great dancer and a performer.

In a media chat with a daily, Rajkummar Rao revealed about the time when he was a teacher. He said that he used to teach dance and drama to children at the DAV Public School, Gurgaon, when he was a student himself. He was pursuing his graduation at that time. When he got to know that the school is looking for a dance and drama teacher, he gave it a shot, which also helped him earn some extra money.

He told that, though he worked as a teacher for three months, it was an experience that he would never forget. He not only taught the children, but he also got to improve his own skills of acting and dancing. During that time, he himself was learning theatre at Delhi’s Sriram Centre for Performing Arts.

He revealed, “I was the youngest teacher in school so the kids treated me like their friend and this made teaching easier and more fun. Since I was a student myself, I ensured I didn’t pressurize them and was empathetic to them so they would always be happy attending my classes.”

Credit: Gossips4Fans

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