Salman’s belief in her is important thing for Katrina!

Recently, Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has spoken again about the camaraderie and equation she shares with her Tiger Zinda Hai co-star Salman Khan.

In an interview with a daily, Katrina was all admirations for Salman and even stated that his belief in her is the most important thing for her.

“Salman taught me nothing except learn for yourself,” Katrina began. “His equation is different with everyone. Of course, we all know that Salman has a kind of heart that loves to help people. But for me, the greatest strength that he was to me was that he never tried to give me a special treatment. He always encouraged me to stand up, find your own feet and work hard.”

“I really feel that the best thing that he has added to my career is exactly what I told you before. I know people may not feel it that way but he really really had a lot of belief in me and that for me was the most important thing,” he further added.

She further described a hilarious instance when Salman couldn’t stop laughing while she felt her career is over. “I had gone for Anurag Basu film with Bhatt Saab where John Abraham was the hero. I was called for the first shot where I was to play a ghost. Next day, I am told that I have been chucked out of the film. The same day I met Salman and I was bawling my eyes out and Salman was laughing at me and I thought he was so mean. I was chucked out of my first film and he is laughing, my career is over. He was laughing and saying that you don’t understand, these things happen. You will see where you will go from here, just work hard. So, he did not have any answers but it was just the belief. It is that belief of one solid person that is very important I think when you are starting out,” she revealed.

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