Sanjay Dutt to reveal his innocence!

Veteran Sanjay Dutt has fought battles with drug abuse, faced a jail term and has had a tumultuous personal life. Actor Sanjay Dutt tells that there are numerous lessons he has learnt and that his “innocence” is intact.

Sanjay, who had made a stunning debut in Bollywood with “Rocky” in 1981, put his personal life in danger through drug addiction, and his life took a turn for the worse when he was arrested for illegal possession of weapons and was convicted.

Since each experience of life teaches one something, what has he learnt from the dark years of his life?

“A lot… Ilearnt a lot. I was innocent then, I am still innocent, but there are some life lessons learnt,” Sanjay revealed in an interview here ahead of the upcoming release of Hindi film “Bhoomi”, his first after being released from jail last year.

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