UNESCO: No smartphones in school!

A universal ban on using smartphones in classrooms is being proposed by UNESCO!

UNESCO has pushed for a global ban on smartphone use in classrooms to minimize disruption and improve learning outcomes.

Goal of UNESCO:
The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has urged for a ban on smartphone usage in classrooms in order to advance a more “human-centered vision” of education.

The UNESCO agreed to ban cellphones in all schools worldwide in order to reduce reliance on digital technology and foster better learning outcomes.

Overusing cellphones or other digital gadgets in the classroom will probably result in reduced academic accomplishment, which will be detrimental to kids’ emotional growth.

Impacts of Mobile Use:
Students that use technology excessively, both inside and outside of the classroom, including computers, tablets, and cellphones, run the risk of delaying learning and creating distractions.

A recent UNESCO study discovered a link between poor student achievement and overuse of digital technologies.

UNESCO recommendations:
According to UNESCO, governments aren’t doing anything to keep an important aspect of society under control.  According to UNESCO, the government should focus on the areas that can advance education internationally while utilizing the fewest resources from digital technology. The government should prioritize education over all other priorities.

The UNESCO report noted that not every technology progress equates to growth and issued a warning against rapidly introducing digital technologies in education. It advised policymakers to establish a balance and refrain from disregarding the social component of education, which gains from face-to-face instruction and interaction.

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