Gahoi Dr. Anita Gupta becomes the new Registrar of M.P. State Homeopathic Council!

Bhopal, MP: Recently, the new Registrar of State Homeopathic Council, Gahoi Dr. Anita Gupta took charge of the post. During this time, worship of Lord Shri Ganesh was established. On this auspicious occasion, many doctors, delegations of doctors and homeopathic students arrived to congratulate.

On this occasion, Dr. Kabul Chandra Prajapati, President of Homeopathic Doctor said that today it is a matter of great joy for us that our Homeopathic Council has been given the post of Registrar in the hands of an honest, loyal and capable person who works as per the rules. This is a matter of good fortune for us and also Madam inspired all homeopathic doctors to be honest and loyal towards homeopathy.

Dr. Kabul Chandra Prajapati told that all the homeopathic doctors are excited after Registrar Madam took charge of the post. Along with zeal and enthusiasm, there is also hope that the development of homeopathy which has not been done in the last 25 years is likely to happen now!

Dr. Kabul Chandra Prajapati said that we are very grateful to the Madhya Pradesh government that they have given the post of Registrar in the hands of an honest, hard-working and fighting-worthy woman. We have full confidence that Madam is capable of taking tough decisions to take homeopathy forward.

On this occasion, Dr. Kabul Chandra Prajapati and the doctor’s delegation congratulated the new Registrar Madam by feeding her a bunch of flowers and sweets and while worshiping Lord Ganesha and doing aarti, she wished for a bright future and along with wishing for the development of homeopathy, she also addressed the Registrar Madam. It is requested that all the homeopathic doctors of Madhya Pradesh have an expectation from you that now you must take some big decisions regarding the development of homeopathy so that the future of about 30000 homeopathic doctors can be bright.

On this occasion, Registrar Madam said that I will do whatever best I can for Homeopathy because it is my good fortune to serve Homeopathy.

For this achievement, Dr. Anita Gupta was congratulated by Shri Shiv Narayan Suhane – former President of General Assembly, Radhe Lal Geda -President, Central Malwa Regional Gahoi Vaish Sabha, Bhagwan Das Bilaiya – Executive President, Central Malwa Regional Gahoi Vaish Sabha, Mukesh Bilaiya – Minister, Central Malwa Regional Gahoi Vaish Sabha, Indore. Virendra Soni – Treasurer, Central Malwa Regional Gahoi Vaish Sabha, Rakesh Kanakne – President Shri Gahoi Vaish Samaj Panchayat, Bhopal etc.

Gahoi history and its relation:

The Gahoi species, born with the blessings of the Gods, has proficiency in every field. The Gahoi words produced from the conch of Lord Narayana are very sacred. The lifestyle and eating habits of Gahoyos are equivalent to gods. We should be proud that we belong to Gahoi community.

Gahoi Mumbai News and congratulations to the Gahoi brothers:

On behalf of all Gahoi Bandhus and Gahoi Mumbai Samachar, many congratulations to Gahoi Dr. Anita Gupta to become becomes the new Registrar of Madhya Pradesh State Homeopathic Council. It is our wish to God that you remain supportive of the prosperity and development of Gahoi society in the future.

Jai Gahoi ~ Jai Bharat

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