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Jagadbandu = Lord Krishna
Jagadeep = Light of the world
Jagadhish = Lord of the world
Jagadev = lord of the world
Jagajeet = Conquerer of the world
Jagajeevan = Life of the world
Jaganmay = spread over the universe
Jagannath = Lord of the world
Jagat = World
Jagatguru = Preceptor of the World
Jagatkishor = World child
Jagatprakash = light of the world
Jagatprabhu = God of the world
Jagatpal = caretaker of the world (God)
Jagatveer = bravest in the world (Jagveer)
Jagatbehari = world traveler (Jagvihari)
Jagdeep = Light of the Universe
Jagdeo = God of the World
Jagdish = King of the World
Jagesh = Lord of the Universe
Jagger = Strong, Loyal
Jagish = Lord of the Universe
Jag Jeevan = life of the world
Jagmohan = One who attracts the world
Jagrav = Awakened
Jahan = the world
Jahi = Dignified
Jahnu = A Rishi
Jai = Lord Shiva
Jaichand = victory of the moon
Jaidayal = victory of kindness
Jaideep = Victory to the light
Jaidev = God of victory
Jaigopal = Victorious Lord Krishna
Jaikrishna = victory of Lord Krishna
Jaiman = Victorious
Jainarayan = victory
Jaipal = Lord Vishnu
Jairaj = Lord of victory
Jairam = Victory of Lord Rama
Jaisal = famous folk
Jaisukh = Happy victor
Jaithra = Lord Vishnu
Jaival = Life giving
Jaivant = Victorious
Jaivardhan = Lord Shiva
Jaiveer = Victorious
Jakarious = Peaceful friend
Jalbhushan = ornament of water ( means wind)
Jaldev = God of water (Lord Varun)
Jaldhar = clouds
Jalendu = moon in the water
Jalesh = Lord of water
Jalsa = celebratory procession
Janak = Father of Sita, creator
Janakibhushan = ornament of Janki
Janakidas = servant of Janaki
Janakinath = Lord Rama
Janakiraman = husband of Janaki
Janamejay = an ancient king
Janardan = One who helps people
Janesh = Lord of men
Jankesh = Lord of His Subjects
Janmesh = The King of his Kundli
Janu = Soul; Life force
Japa = chanting
Japendra = lord of chants – Lord Shiva
Japesh = Lord Shiva
Jasbeer = victorious hero
Jashith = Protector
Jaskaran = Good deeds
Jaspal = Lord Krishna
Jasraj = King of fame
Jasveer = Hero of fame
Jaswant = Victorious (Yashwant)
Jataayu = a semi-divine bird
Jatan = Nurturing
Jatasya = The Ocean
Jatin = Lord Shiva
Javesh = Related to god
Jawahar = Gem
Jay = Victory
Jayachand = ancient king of Kannauj
Jayadeep = Light of victory
Jayaditya = Victorious sun
Jayakrishan = victorious Krishna
Jayani = Conqueror. Lord Krishna
Jayant = Victorious
Jayapal = king, Lord Vishnu, Lord Bramha
Jayaprakash = light of victory
Jayashekhar = Crest of victory
Jayawant = victorious
Jayendra = Lord of victory
Jayesh = Victor
Jayin = Conqueror
Jaysukh = Pleasure of victory
Jeeval = full of life
Jeevan / Jeeva = Life
Jeevanprakash = light of life
Jeevaraaj = lord of life
Jeevesh = God
Jhulier = Precious
Jhumar = Child’s plaything
Jigar = Heart
Jignesh = Intellectual Curiosity
Jimuta = one of 108 names of the Sun God
Jina = Lord Vishnu
Jinabhadra = a Jain saint
Jinadev = Lord of victory
Jinendra = Lord of life
Jishnu = Triumphant
Jitamitra = Vanquisher of Foes
Jitendra = Lord of conquerers
Jithvar = Victorious, who always win
Jivaj = Full of life
Jival = Full of life
Jivana = one of 108 names of the Sun God
Jivin = to give life
Jivitesh = god
Jivraj = Lord of life
Jnyandeep = Light of knowledge
Jnyaneshwar = God of wisdom
Jogesh = Lord Shiva
Joginder = Lord Shiva
Jogindra = Lord Shiva
Jograj = Lord Shiva
Jugal = Couple
Jugnu = Fire
Jwala = flame
Jwalant = Luminous
Jwalia = Lord Shiva
Jyestha = The Eldest. Lord Vishnu
Jyotheesh = provider of light (Vishnu)
Jyothish = Astrloger, provider of light
Jyotichandra = moonlight
Jyotindra = lord of life
Jyotiprakash = splendour of the flame
Jyotiranjan = joyous flame
Jyotirdhar = holder of the flame
Jyotirmaya = imbued with light
Jwalaprasad = Gift of flame


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