Priyanka Chopra’s self-made star status in the nepotism era!

International celeb Priyanka Chopra is one of the most successful actress in India as well as overseas. Presently, Priyanka has been essaying the lead role of English TV show Quantico Season 3. Priyanka is also ready for another Hollywood release called A Kid Like Jake.

Presently, Priyanka is also supporting regional cinema by producing them.

Speaking to a daily, Priyanka revealed, “I don’t think I look at cinema (any) differently because I am a producer. I want to make the kind of films as a producer, which I may not have seen being made otherwise. Regional cinema, for instance, is one such (area of) focus for me and it was very important for me to give new talent (the right) opportunities.”

Priyanka has made it big in the acting realm all by own. But, the journey wasn’t a cakewalk for her. “When I entered Bollywood, everyone was somebody’s uncle or somebody’s daughter. It’s very difficult to get inside a production office if you are an actor from no [film] background. I know that it happened to me because I started like that,” admitted Priyanka Chopra.

She further added, “My production company was set up with that in mind. Almost all directors we have worked — seven I think — are new directors. My route is very different and it’s a personal journey. The films that I make are important to me and I have a point of view that our entertainment has commercial value and it has a story.”

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