Gahoi Seva Samiti Orai to distribute ex-gratia amount to economically weaker Gahois!

Orai (Jalaun): In recent years, Gahoi Bandhus of Gahoi Vaishya community have been continuously active in serving the needy of Gahoi community in some form or the other. Gahoi Seva Samiti Orai is also doing very remarkable work while taking this sacred work forward. The work of Gahoi Seva Samiti Orai, which considers service to the needy as divine service, is exemplary.

Under this sacred work, recently, like every month, Gahoi Seva Samiti Orai distributed ex-gratia amount in Gahoi Dharamshala located in Gopalganj. During this period, along with ex-gratia money, food items were also distributed to the economically weak needy people of Gahoi community on the occasion of Diwali.

During this program, ex-gratia distribution coordinator Dr. Devendra Seth said that today the ex-gratia amount for the month of November has been provided by Rajendra Prasad Virendra Kumar Kharka Wale. On the other hand, on the holy festival of Diwali, food items were distributed to the needy by Shyama Vardhia, mother of Manoj Vardhia Bombay Silkson. Manoj Vardhia, present on this occasion, said that helping the needy is an act of virtue and for this, capable and competent people of the society should come forward. He said that no one’s Diwali should remain dull, hence the festival should be celebrated together.

Shri Anil Seth, President of Gahoi Seva Samiti, Orai, said that the ex-gratia amount has been distributed by Gahoi Seva Samiti for the last 34 years, in between, its work was affected for two years during the Corona period, but now its operations are being made smoothly. Gahoi Seva Mandal President Bhupendra Kantharia, who was present during this sacred program, said that any work becomes easier if it is done together. On this occasion, convener Dr. Devendra Seth expressed his gratitude to all the people of the society for their kind gesture. Ministers Sanjay Reza, Sanjeev Sapoulaya, Shashikant Nigotiya, Dilip Chandaiya, Gopalji, Avadhesh Chhiraulya, KK Gupta, Jitendra Kantharia etc. were prominently present in the program.

Gahoi history and its relation:

The Gahoi species, born with the blessings of the Gods, has proficiency in every field. The Gahoi words produced from the conch of Lord Narayana are very sacred. The lifestyle and eating habits of Gahoyos are equivalent to gods. We should be proud that we belong to Gahoi community.

Gahoi Mumbai News and congratulations to the Gahoi brothers:

On behalf of all Gahoi Bandhus and Gahoi Mumbai Samachar, many congratulations to Gahoi Seva Samiti for distributing food items along with ex-gratia amount to the economically weak needy people of Gahoi community of Orai on the occasion of Diwali. It is my wish to God that you remain supportive of the prosperity and development of Gahoi society in the future.

Jai Gahoi ~ Jai Bharat

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