Aakne And Its Presence In Many Gotras

Aakne And Its Presence In Many Gotras

Gahoi Community has rich legacy with 12 Gotra (Blood related identity) and 155 Aankne (Surname).

As per Vanshavali (A book of Generation History), there are around 28 Aankne (Surname) which are the part of more than one Gotras. It is amazing facts about the Aankne and Gotras in Gahoi Community.

We are giving here the all available details regarding Aankne and its presence in more than one Gotras.

Aankne: Gotra
Baderiya: Jaital, Gol
Katthal/Katthil: Jaital, Vaasar
Seth: Jaital, Gaagal, Bhaal, Gol, Kaachchhil, Baadal, Vaasal, Vaachchhil
Rikholya: Jaital, Vaachchhil
Rawat: Gaangal, Gol, Kaachchhil
Chapra/Chupra: Gaangal, Kaachchhil
Jhudele: Gaangal, Kaachchhil
Khangat: Bhaal, Vaachchhil
Shah/Saav: Bhaal, Vaasal, Kohil
Kharaya: Gol, Kaachchhil, Baadal, Vaasal
Itoriya: Gol, Vaachchhil
Katare: Gol, Vaachchhil, Kaachchhil
Soni: Gol, Vaachchhil, Baadal
Nigoti/Nigotiya: Gol, Kachchhil
Saravagi: Vaasar, Gol
Gandhi: Gol, Vaachchhil
Chungele: Vaasar, Gol
Khera: Vaasar, Gol
Kurele: Gol, Kaachchhil
Piparsania: Kochchhal, Kochchhil
Pahariya: Vaasar, Kaachchhil
Dadariya: Vaasar, Kaachchhil
Badoniya: Kochchhil, Vaachchhil
Vinoriya: Kochchhil, Vaachchhil
Sulganiya/Saalgehniya: Kochchhil, Baadal
Dhoosar: Kachchhil, Vaasar
Saavala: Kochchhil, Baadal
Damele: Vaachchhil, Vaasar

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