About Gahoi Community!

About Gahoi Community And Its Rich Heritage!

Gahoi is a merchant community in central India. The traditionally Gahoi Community has populated in the region of Bundelkhand, with their origin claimed to be at Kharagpur. Previously, it has populated in the Jhanshi, Datia, Orai, Kalpi, Jalone in the Bundelkhand. But due to education and choice of profession, they have migrated around the world. Gahoi Community has separate central and regional assemblies which take all the decision regarding community related issues. Previously, Gahoi Community has specific Purohit (person performs traditional rituals) for performing all wedding and religious related rituals but nowadays it is not so specific.

Previously, during marriage rituals, Gahoi Purohit has given “Swastivachan Mantra” to bride and groom for their better and prosperous future. This ritual is known as Shankhouchhar. This mantra has strated with name of wealth god as Kuber and end with groom’s father name. But nowadays, it does not exist in Gahoi Marriage Rituals.

Gahoi Community is very vast community with 12 Gotra (Blood related identity) and 155 Aankne (Surname). Generally, the marriages in same gotra are prohibited to avoid blood related and scientific complications.

As per legend, Gahoi’s 12 Gotras are related to name of 12 old saints (Rishi) which is later demoted as 12 aditya (Name of Sun). Our Family Deity is Khurdev Baba which was an avatar of Sun as per old legends because he had saved a child of Gahoi Vansh for further progress of Gahoi Community. Due to Khurdev Baba (an avatar of sun), we are using Sun symbol on Gahoi Samaj Flag as well as other materials. As a result, we are celebrating 14th January (Makar Sakranty by Hindu calendar) as “Gahoi Diwas” which is the day of Sun worshiping festival.

Presently, there are two types of deities are famous as Gahoi Kuldevta between Gahoi Community. One is Gosai Baba (also known as Bihariji) and another is Khurdev Baba. Both are worshiped during family related religious rituals as Mai Mehar (During Marriage) and other yearly worshiping.

Generally, Gahoi Community has worshiped either Gosai Baba or Khurdev Baba 2 to 3 times in a year beside wedding events (compulsory worshiping during marriage function).

Legends and History: There are a lot of legends and historical events which indicate Gahoi’s origin and progress root. All the facts show that Gahoi Community is one of the oldest traditional and cultural communities.

As per legend, Gahoi Samaj is created by world creator almighty Prajapati on the request of Saint Vivekaj was heard the “Gahoi” sound from the Shankh (conch shell) of almighty Mahavishnu Narayan.

According Puranic Shiv Puran, the “Gahoi” word has mentioned between the 13th to 20th episode. The almighty Shiva has blessed Vaikavan as “You will be lord of Gahoi Community” and given the name as “Kuber”. Lord Shiva blessed him the lord of wealth and given residence to him in Alkapuri near Kailash Mountain. The lord Kuber’s idol is also placed at Badrinarayan pilgrimage. The lord Kuber is also worshiping continuously on the day of Dhanteras before Lakshami Pooja on Diwali. The Gahoi Community is also worshiping lord Kuber regularly which is blessed by almighty Shiva.

According another legend, the oldest known Gahoi (Grahapati-anvaya) inscription is of samvat 1011 mentioning Pahilla, who built a Jain temple during the reign of Dhanga at Khajuraho. This temple is among those that still exist at Khajuraho.

In modern era, A few Gahoi Members are carrying forward the oldest traditional and cultural legacy of Gahoi Community but most of the Gahoi Members are not aware about Gahoi’s oldest legacy of culture, customs and traditions.

Presently, Gahoi Community is strong in some region but is lagging behind in the most part of the globe due to lack of communication and unity.

We are hoping to communicate the Gahoi Community with the help of this special section dedicated for Gahoi Community welfare and progress. This section will provide up to date information about the Gahoi Community regarding Gahoi’s history, culture, customs, rich legacy and progress activities around the globe.

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