South India Cuisine And Its Peculiarity!

South India Cuisine And Its Peculiarity!


It is universal truth that you can eat more varieties of cuisines in India than the rest of the world together. India is a multi-faceted country because of the diversity of culture, traditions, food, festivals, languages, outfits and so on. The delightful Indian recipes as rich and diverse as its civilization have been passed on through generations purely by word of mouth. The range varies from region to region, right from the taste, color, texture to the appearance. Each tiny place of the country has a distinctiveness of its own.

The southern region of India comprises states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala in India.

South Indian cuisine is similarly famous as other parts of India. Everyone in India is aware about south Indian Cuisine’s variety from main dishes to snack items. Everybody is like South Indian Dishes in other parts of India.

South Indian cuisine has a range from vegetarian to Non-vegetarian dishes. Another remarkable feature in south Indian cuisine is the use of coconut oil. Coconut oil imparts the south Indian food a very distinct flavor. In most of the delicacies, coconut is also used copiously.

Rice is principal food here too. Idly, Dosa, Vadas and Uttapams, made from rice ground with lentil, are famous south Indian dishes, typically in Tamil Nadu. Also try spicy, oily and aromatic Chettinad cuisine while you are in Tamil Nadu.

In some parts of South India like Andhra Pradesh, Biriyani made from rice and mixed with meat is a masterpiece. The dish has an impact of rich legacy of Mughal association.

In the Malabar coastal area like Kerala, they make fantastic cuisine of sea fish including crab and prawn. The strong aroma of spices is another charm of cuisine of Malabar Coast.


List of famous South India Cuisines and its characteristics:

Name  Description

Appam: Pancake, thicker at center. Ground rice.

Avial: Coconut paste, curd mixed with vegetables and some spices.

Bajji: Vegetable or onion fritters

Biryani: Spicy rice dish with vegetables or chicken or mutton or fish or prawns.

Bisi Bele Bath: Rice preparation with vegetables.

Bonda: Snack. Potatoes, gram flour.

Chicken 65: Popular deep fried chicken preparation. Chicken, onion, ginger.

Currivepillai sadam: Curry leaves rice

Dosa: Pancake/Hopper. Ground rice, Urad dal.

Double ka meetha: Bread crumbs fried in Ghee and dipped in milk and sugar syrup

Goli bajje: Snack. Gram flour.

Idiappam: Steamed rice noodles/vermicelli. Ground rice.

Idli: Steamed cake of fermented rice and pulse flour. Rice, Urad dal.

Indian omelette: Egg omelette or veg omelette

Kaara Kozhambu: Dish used with rice made of chilli powder and tamarind.

Keerai kootu: Green leaves kootu

Keerai masiyal: Grinded green leaves used as a side dish for rice or mixed with rice.

Keerai sadam: Rice and green leaves.

Koottu: Vegetable, daal or lentil mixture boiled in water.

Kos kootu: Cabbage and lentil dish used for rice.

Kothamali sadam: Coriander rice

Kuzhakkattai: Dumplings. Rice flour, jaggery, coconut.

Kuzhambu: Thick soup with coconut. Coconut, vegetables.

Masala Dosa: Dosa with masala and potato.

Parotta: Layered kerala parotta made with maida and dalda.

Paruppu sadam: Daal rice

Payasam: Rice dessert. Rice, milk.

Pongal: Pulao. rice.

Poriyal: Side dish for rice prepared from one or more vegetables with little oil stirred, with daal half boiled and coconut / mustard seeds.

Puli sadam: Tamarind rice

Puttu: Ground Rice.

Kanji: Rice porridge

Sakkara pongal: Sweet rice dish

Sambar: Lentil soup with vegetables and masala mixed with rice and taken.

Sevai: Kind of rice vermicelli used for breakfast.

Sevai lunch: Kind of rice vermicelli mixed with either tamarind or lemon or coconut.

Thayir sadam, Mosaranna: Curd rice

Thengai sadam: Coconut rice

Uttapam: Rice Pancake/Hopper with a topping of onions/tomatoes/coconut.

Vada: Savory donut. Urad dal.

Varuval: Vegetables fried in shallow oil

Yelumincham sadam, Chitranna: Lemon rice. Rice, lemon juice.

Keerai poriyal: Green leaves mixed with daal and coconut with little oil.

Wheat Upma: A breakfast dish and snack. Upma prepared from Wheat Dhalia Rava.

Koshambri: A cucumber salad dish popular in Karnataka. Prepared during festivals.

Obbattu (holige, bobbattu, Pooran-poli): A stuffed (Moong gram dal and jaggery or coconut poornam) paratha. Dish native to South and West India in the states of (Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Ennai Kathirikkai: Ennai Kathirikkai

Ragi Mudhe

Pesarattu: Dosa (pancake or crepe) of Andhra Pradesh made from Moong Dal (lentils), grains and spice batter.


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