Specially challenged KBC 15’s contestant Gahoi Varsha Tara Saraogi to win INR 12,50,000!

The 37th episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati was just released, and it is devoted to all the mothers who have supported us throughout our life. The names of their mothers implied something about each competitor. Gahoi Varsha Tara Saraogi, a competitor from Madhya Pradesh, won the first round of Fastest Finger First and was able to play the game alongside Amitabh Bachchan. She works as a banker for a reputable institution. She told Amitji about her experiences in life as the game started, and she felt compelled to mention that her spouse had supported her in realizing her desire.

When Amitji questioned banker Varsha Saraogi about her journey, she opened up about her personal challenges. The crew captured Varshaji’s whole life adventure and her road toward self-assurance in the movie clip.

Varshaji’s first question won her INR 10,000. She told a brief story about herself just before the host posted another query. She expressed her gratitude to her mother for being there, adding that this week is devoted to honoring moms. She claims that for eleven years, she was unable to walk. She used to crawl, and her mother had a hard time getting her accepted to the school. “I’ll dedicate this hot seat to my mother,” she replied.

Speaking about her passion for anchoring, she revealed, “People really love to see me anchoring but when it comes to marriage, people will talk once or twice. My husband is physically fine and we have a son and since he has given me strength, I sometimes wonder why he chose me. He has accepted me the way I am and has given me the strength to face problems.” She added that she hoped to find out why he picked her and what he saw in her.

“She has given me love and I just want to love her back,” was the response Big B received when she asked her husband the same question on her behalf. Varshaji received INR 12,50,000 for winning the game because she was unable to respond to the question of INR 25 lakhs and decided to give up.

GahoiMumbai.com and its team to congratulate Gahoi Varsha Tara Saraogi for winning INR 12,50,000 at KBC 15. We anticipate your support to Gahoi Community’s progress and prosperity.

Image Credit: Sony TV

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